Cloud Services

SEEBURGER Cloud Services offers a range of communication, monitoring, provisioning and application services, which enhance your company’s flexibility and adaptability and facilitates the communication with your business partners (vertical as well as horizontal).

Lower your investment costs by outsourcing your entire communication or parts thereof to the cloud. The SEEBURGER Cloud Services can be booked flexibly and customized to the requirements of your company.

Many companies have put their full trust in the services of SEEBURGER AG.


Electronic invoice processing streamlines processes, saves costs and improves the life cycle assessment. To benefit from the advantages of E-Invoicing today, companies need flexible solutions, which also cover future specifications – preferably without additional costs or technical expenses for the user. SEEBURGER offers these solutions as a Cloud service.

Invoice Portal: Invoice processing in the cloud. Further information regarding this cloud service will be available soon.

Invoice Portal

Invoice processing in the cloud. Further information regarding this cloud service will be available soon.

Trading Partner Services

The SEEBURGER Cloud offers a range of trading partner services that help companies to manage their business partners. These include, firstly, a freely configurable, cloud-based survey service that companies can use to request and collect any kind of data from their business partners, secondly, a centrally managed partner onboarding service for the automated integration of your business partners into your integration platform, and thirdly, an all-inclusive service where a SEEBURGER team of experts tends to the integration of your business partners.

Utilities & Provider

The SEEBURGER Cloud offers energy suppliers with its Utilities Cloud Service an array of quick and cost-effective standardized solutions to map and automatize their market processes. The services range from a simple tool used to securely transfer personal data in clarification cases, through the monitoring service used to keep track of your entire market communication, up to the outsourcing service where the SEEBURGER team processes all your data and fully takes over your entire market communication.

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We made it our mission to seamlessly integrate suppliers and external trading partners into your business processes. That is our daily business – so you can focus onto your business. We would be happy to demonstrate our abilities!